Friday, August 9, 2013

Sofa Styling

Happy Friday Dolls we made through another week!!

As a designer you are ALWAYS changing things around. So, whenever I have guests over they always comment on how much fun it is to come to my home as it never looks the same. Really a lot of the time I have just switched out the pillows and some accessories. You know of my vast and ever growing pillow collection so it really isn't that big of a deal! The other thing that seems to come up is the question of how many pillows to put on a sofa and should they all match? My answer and professional opinion is this........ mix or match, use pairs or not and depending on the look you want and the style of your sofa anywhere from 2- 5 pillows. ( more if you have a sectional) In a nutshell it is personal preference. The two rules of thumb that I always go by are all pillows must have feather/down inserts to give a high end feel and mix up the shape and sizes to create interest. I have styled one sofa three different ways to give you an idea. 

The Duchess xoxo 

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