Saturday, March 2, 2013

Weekend DIY

I love DIY projects and I thought I would share some of my personal favorites that I have done in my own home. A couple of years ago I had surgery and most of my down time was spent in my Masterbedroom. I spent a lot of that time just looking around that room and planning up coming projects....I believe that helped my recovery along much quicker then we originally thought it might be.
 Soon I was feeling much better and the revamping of my master bedroom/bath began. It was Christmas time and I wanted to keep the cost down so I decided to do most of it myself. I started with a floor to ceiling headboard that would be fully upholstered but I thought it would look better in sections instead of 1 continuous piece so I purchased foam core in the exact sizes needed along with a few yards beautiful white linen fabric, some foam and batting. I "upholstered' each and every piece with my handy glue gun and attached it to the wall with double sided velcro. It was a bit time consuming but I was very happy with the end result! The second project came about when I wasn't even thinking about it. I happened to be at Target and I caught a great pattern out of the corner of my eye. It was a beautiful Ikat in some of my favorite colors but was in the form of a shower curtain and since I don't have shower curtains I almost passed it up but, it was on clearance for 5 dollars and there were 2 so I scooped them up and knew inspiration would come! It donned on me shortly after that as the room was evolving that I would need to switch out my (custom) drapes.........voila the shower curtains were wide enough but would be too short so I banded the bottom of them with the leftover linen that I had used on the headboard and now had another pair of custom drapes that finished off the room nicely.

The Duchess xoxo
 Custom bamboo nightstands painted white 
 Ikat Drapes
I received this original piece of artwork for Christmas and have the perfect wall in my dressing area

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