Sunday, March 3, 2013

Living Room Upgrade

My living room has been driving me crazy for a few years, due mostly in part to my husband's purchase of a matching set of bachelor style black leather sofas. How and when these items were purchased isn't as important as you knowing that I was not present at the time of purchase and they could not be exchanged. Trying to be a good sport and knowing that he paid good money for a good quality piece of furniture I tried my best to decorate around them and make them work.  However, the time has now come and I can no longer live with these sofa's.......the designer in me is screaming loud and clear and they must go!! So, yesterday I finally ordered a new Beautiful John Louis lagoon blue sofa and I couldn't be more excited! The sofa will arrive at the end ofApril and so now I have been putting together ideas for my new living room. Here is a mood board that I threw together with some of my favorite things. I still have 2 months until delivery so I'm sure the design will evolve but here is my starting point. Is there a room in your house driving you crazy?

The Duchess xoxo

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