Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Moroccan Paradise

So did I tell you that I am a Bravo junkie? Well I am! Last night was the premiere of the new show "Property Envy". A show that showcases very high end real estate all across the country and then has the likes of Mary McDonald (love her), Jeff Lewis (brilliant and bi polar), and Brandie Malay ( Real Estate Professional) comment on and access the value of the properties, some currently on the market for sale some not.
One of the properties highlighted on the show last night was a magical moroccan home located in Palm Desert. The attention to detail throughout the house was amazing and made me giddy with excitement! However, when it came to the back of the home and the pool area it sort of all fell short and seemed disconnected from the house. No more moorish columns, no more moroccan tiles it was as if they did the entire home and then just sort of gave up in the back. That being said overall it was still a beautiful home and could be yours for a cool $24.95 M.
Here are some picks to wet your appetite. You can see more over at Bravo.

The Duchess xoxo

See what I mean this looks like a totally different house right?! Leave me a comment tell me what you think!

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