Friday, June 7, 2013

Pink + Green

After my post on Tuesday about the Miami pink and green guest house I was still thinking about that color palette. Only this time I was thinking about the softer side of pink + green.

When I was ( younger) and going to school for interior design I lived in Minneapolis and the year prior I had lived in Lake Forest, IL. It was a huge change for a girl who had only lived in warm weather climates like Arizona and California. The culture shock was one thing but the weather shock sent me into a tail spin. That is when I really realized the impact that light and color have on your psyche and your life.
 I had purchased a gorgeous vintage mohair sofa and matching chair in chocolate brown (which wasn't all the rage back then) and in an effort to add some color and femininity to the room and soften the brown I used yellowy greens and soft pink accents. One of my favorite things to have on my cocktail table was a crystal bowl filled with granny smith apples and a bouquet of petal pink roses next to it. Those simple and beautiful things always made me happy and helped brighten up those long, dark and dreary winter days!

Let's take a look at the softer side of pink + green.

Have and happy Friday and amazing weekend!!
The Duchess xoxo

 I know I have used this in a prior post but it is just sooo beautiful

 Chinoiserie Chic
 Everything looks great with a tufted headboard
Love this..... If you know the artist please leave me a comment
 I also used to purchase these type roses of roses as well, not sure of the name
 Jonathan Adler Bedding
 Don't you wish you were invited

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