Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dream Home

I am in the process of building my dream home....on Pinterest!  My board titled "Keeping up with the Jones'" is a compilation of what my vision for a dream home would be and every time I find something that is perfection and makes my heart sing I add it to this board. My dream home would of course be located on the ocean somewhere in California. You can follow me on Pinterest here to see how my dream home is coming along.

P.S. My dream home would be nothing without sharing it with sweet hubby and today is our anniversary. Happy Anniversary my love!

The Duchess xoxo

 I love this house so much that is literally makes my eyes swell with tears!
 I wonder if I would cook more if I had this kitchen? Probably not :)

 This area may look small but I imagine the rest of this bath to be bigger
Lunch in my pool house would be divine!

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