Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday's Table

I love, love, love a beautiful table scape and I often switch mine out on my dining room table even if no one is coming over. It is such a creative outlet for me and I get great joy from doing it. I have quite a collection of glassware and serving pieces but china and plates are really my obsession. I recently purchased these fine china appetizer plates by 222 fifth with the intention of hanging them on the wall but then I realized if they were on the wall I could not use them in a table scape. I hope you enjoy what I have done with them and maybe it will inspire you to do your own table!

Thanks for reading my blog Dolls and I hope you keep coming back!
The Duchess xoxo

 The pattern is called Adelaide green and white and is made by 222 Fifth
 Still feeling my beachiness and loving the textural quality that the lucite mounted coral pieces bring
 Simple cream colored roses with chartreuse tips add a little elegance
 I like to mix vintage and new stemware together. Also love these tiny natural shell candles by Moda Dora.
Turquoise ginger jars add just the right height

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