Friday, March 22, 2013

Juicy Orange

Orange is the color of adventure, creativity and optimism. According to Frank Sinatra "Orange is the happiest color" and you know as well as I do that Frank was never wrong! Last year we had a healthy dose of this color with it being Pantone's color of the year ( Tangerine Tango) but at this time of year I always get a little craving for some orange in my life. Probably due to the fact that my 2 back patios are done in navy and orange. It's just such a juicy and luscious color and nothing brings me more pleasure then a huge bowl of oranges (or lemons) on my kitchen counter. I would love to hear your comments on the color orange!

Happy Friday Dolls!
The Duchess xoxo

 The banding on the bottom of the chairs is perfection
 Yes Sir
 Great wallpaper and use of complimentary colors
 Striped rug and chinoiserie chest
 Gorgeous the gold side band
 Crisp and comfortable
Exotic orchids in orange...must have!

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