Monday, March 11, 2013

Home Fragrances

A beautiful and comfortable home is made up of many components and how your home smells is equally as important as to how it looks and feels. The fragrance of your home can immediately evoke a sense of cleanliness and calm or the complete opposite. It seems we all love beautiful candles but there are so many more options these days when it comes to home fragrance. You can either choose to have one signature scent throughout your home which should be changed out seasonally or you can layer different fragrances in various rooms as to evoke different moods.
Have a beautiful day!
The Duchess xoxo
 Oil lamps are pretty and offer a wide selection of fragrances. I prefer Lampe Berger as their products also purify the air while also emitting a great scent.
 Reed diffusers are best used in smaller areas as the length of the bamboo sticks can only throw the scent so far. I love Japanese Quince and Malaysian Bamboo from Seda France.
 Room spray is simple and easy and can be refreshed as often as you like. Lime Basil from Jo Malone is delicious.
 I prefer candles that have a strong scent and Belle Fleurs Jasmine Verbena is a FAVE of both my Hubby and myself.
For your bathroom this is the ultimate. Their tag line is "Spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know". It definitely works!

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