Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday's Table!

On Sunday my husband and I decided to just stay in and have a quiet evening at home, which sounded great to me! However, I knew that the Golden Globes would be on and the evening should be stepped up a notch. It is then that I decided to throw an intimate (and by that I mean just my husband, myself and the star of our home my Yorkshire Terrier) Golden Globes soiree. Our evening began walking the red carpet covered with gold stars and entering through a dozen gold ballons. I flashed the lighting off and on to create a pappazzi effect, it made my husband laugh so hard. I made some FAB little appetizers which included, shrimp cocktail, bacon wrapped scallops, and Frisco style potatoes along with some baked pears for dessert and of course some prosecco floated with a bit of chambord. My outfit for the glam at home evening was a long flowy nightgown and my maribou feather evening heels. All in all it was a great evening and made more enjoyable by just adding a few fun details. Special moments like this are what makes my life rich and whole. Enjoy a few pics.


The Duchess xoxo

Candles and golden flowers add to the ambience

I served the shrimp cocktail in vintage champagne glasses on a silver tray

Prosecco and Chambord I highly recomment it!

I was snuggled up in my chinchilla throw and my maribou slippers

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