Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hello Darlings ! Here are the inspiration photos for my new kitchen. Can you see the theme running through them all? Correct cararra marble counter tops. The cararra marble in the kitchen seems to come with some controversy here in the United States however it has long been used in European kitchens with great success. The benefits of the marble are..... first of all it is stunning and secondly it is always cold to the touch so it is great for rolling out dough for baking and lastly it is a classic and elegant material. To some people the down side of this material is that it may derive a patina over time ( for some of us that is a plus) and spills of red wine and citrus juice need to be cleaned up immediately or may leave a stain. I am assured by a couple of ladies who have had these counter tops that if you have it honed it increases the durability and takes more time for spills to leave a stain. Let's be honest who in their right mind is going to leave a pool of citrus juice and/or red wine just steeping on their gorgeous white counter top. If you have small children then maybe this would not be your choice but in my opinion should not be discounted. Enjoy the photos and expect bigger things next week. Happiness!

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