Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Flamingo Shlamingo

You may have noticed that flamingos are popping up in many home decor items from pillows to prints and even shower curtains. These beautiful and exotic birds have long been known for their kitsch appeal but have now been revived into more tasteful and stylish items. The key to adding this accent of Palm Beach Chic to your home is to choose items wisely and with great restraint. I don't know about you but a flamingo stir stick in my drink just adds that extra something special to my cocktail experience.
The Duchess xoxo


 Gallery Wall with Flamingos
 Do you ever feel this way?!
 Jenartwork - Etsy
 Paper Mache' Flamingo
 Cole and Son Wallpaper
 West Elm
 Flamingo with Chanel a classic

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