Friday, May 31, 2013

Crystal Boxes

I am always looking for new and creative storage solutions. However, it always seems like after I get everything all organized and put away I can't ever seem to find what I am looking for. I am such a visual person that I need to see everything so I can remember that it exists. 

Jewelry is one of my great loves and definitely one of those things that fit into the "I need to see it category". I have 3 drawers filled to the rim with jewelry and in order to see each and every piece and make sure it is all rotated and worn I use crystal boxes to keep things like rings and small post style earrings visually available and organized. Crystal boxes not only look beautiful in my jewelry drawers but I also use them on my nightstand and cocktail table. They look equally as beautiful filled to the brim or with nothing in them so you can really see the details and the way the light catches the reflection of the crystal. 

I urge you to add a little glam to your storage with crystal boxes. It is a classic element and is always in fashion.

Have an amazing weekend!
The Duchess xoxo

 Rogaska Criss cross Crystal box - you can buy it here
 Crystal Couture Box - buy it here

Crystal Regal Box - buy it here 

Crystal Ring Box - buy it here

 This is one of my favorites. Queen Bee Crystal Box - buy it here

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