Friday, September 21, 2012

Make A Statement Under Foot!

During the design process it seems that often times the ceilings and the floors are over looked when it comes to detailing. Yes, there is a lot of pretty tile, slate, carpet and hardwoods to choose from but, sometimes a room calls for something a bit more grand and exciting. Large scale bold patterned floors create another layer of pattern and texture while also adding drama and excitement to an ordinary space. They can be done with marble, tile or even paint and are often done in a palette of black and white. These types of floors are a classic and timeless design element.

Happy Friday Dolls I hope you enjoy my post as much I enjoyed doing it!


The Duchess xoxo

Retail Concourse Greenbrier

Jonathan Adler Madison Ave.

Amazing Dining Room

Historic Estate New York

Painted Striped Foyer

Solarium New York 

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